Finding Articles

Open Finding Articles in the EBSCO Discovery Service in another browser window to work through this tutorial side by side.

Choose your keywords

In this tutorial, you will learn to find journal articles using EBSCO Smart Search. First, think about your topic and choose appropriate keywords that will retrieve relevant articles on your area of interest.

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Search with your keywords

In the search box, type the following: women images and advertising and press search button.

What combinations below would work best for retrieving articles on women images in advertising?


Examine your search results

Check out the results list. It was arranged by relevance. 

How many results did you get?

Record Display

You want to limit the results to full text articles by checking the Full text in the left column. Next, you want to limit your search to scholarly journals by selecting Scholarly Journal

How many results do you have now?

How many results do you have now?


You want to locate an article on how video games impact children.

What are the keywords you should use?


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